What is CompTIA A+ Certification and how does it work? Start your career as an IT Specialist

What is CompTIA?
CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), a trade association for IT professionals, is a non-profit trade organization. It has more than 2000 members and 3000 business associates. It certifies IT professionals and does a lot more philanthropic work than just advocacy.
What is CompTIA A+ certification and what are its benefits?
CompTIA A+, a professional certificate offered through CompTIA, is designed to help you get a job in entry-level IT positions. CompTIA certifications can be used by anyone, regardless of vendor. They are highly respected in IT. CompTIA’s A+ certification, which was launched in 1993, has been issued to more than 2 million people.
CompTIA A+ certification gives you a basic working knowledge of computers, networks, and hardware. It covers more than just basic PC repair skills. CompTIA A+ students are able to troubleshoot a variety of problems, including mobile devices and operating systems. They are also able to set up, maintain, customize, or operate personal computers.
CompTIA A+ certification requires you to pass two Core series exams, i.e. 220-1001 or 220-1002. These exams assess your knowledge of data, security, operating systems, hardware, and helpdesk. Core 1 A+ focuses on cloud computing, networking technology, and hardware. Core 2 focuses on software, operating systems, cybersecurity basics, and software.
What can you expect from the CompTIA A+ exam and what should you do?
CompTIA A+ exam is performance-based. You must be able:
Configure, install, update, and manage different operating systems such as Windows, Apple OS X X, Linux OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows Mobile.

Install and image virtual machines

Configure and troubleshoot peripheral devices

Assemble and disassemble various computing hardware

Implement cybersecurity controls to helpdesk and take on technical support roles

Support end-user access to data or applications.

These are the main topics of the CompTIA A+ exam:
Networking: This refers to the types of networks and connections, such as transmission control protocol/internet protocols (TCP/IP), WiFi, small office/home, etc.

Hardware: What are the different parts and devices of hardware?

Troubleshooting hardware and network issues

Portable devices: Configuring and installing laptops and other mobile devices

Cybersecurity: Protecting against security vulnerabilities in devices, networks and devices

OS: Windows Mac, Linux and mobile

Safety and environmental best practices

What jobs are available with CompTIA A+ certification
Once you have the A+ certification, these job roles are available to you:
Helpdesk technician

Service desk analyst

Technical support specialist

Systems support specialist

Field service technician

Associate network engineer

Data support technician

Administrator of desktop support

End-user computing technician

Is there a minimum age to take the CompTIA+ exam?
CompTIA A+ exams are open to all ages. However, your certification does have a time limit. The CompTIA A+ certificate has a validity of three years. However, you can renew it through CompTIA’s continuing education program to extend the validity for an additional three-year period.
What is the cost for the CompTIA A+ exams and certifications?
CompTIA A+ certification requires you to pass two exams, Core 1 and Core 2, in order to complete it. Each exam requires that you purchase an exam voucher worth US$ 232.
What is the average salary for a CompTIA A+ certificate?
Your salary will vary depending on many factors such as where you live, what company you work for, your experience, and more. CompTIA A+, one of the most highly-paid IT certifications in America, can earn professionals as high as US$78,600 per year. According to Glassdoor IT specialists can make an average of US$ 69303 per year. An IT support technician can make US$ 45,121 annually.
How do you prepare for CompTIA A+ certification
CompTIA A+ Training can be difficult if you don’t have IT experience or knowledge. You can choose your starting point, from the most basic to advanced.
CompTIA offers many training options, including instructor-led online courses and self-paced programs. You can also learn without an instructor by using books, videos, or other media.
Is CompTIA A+ certification worth it?
CompTIA A+ certification can make a big difference in your career. Many industries had to reduce budgets, salaries and jobs during the pandemic. But IT was able to maintain its position. IT is one of few industries that is growing rather than shrinking, with everything moving online.
According to various reports, JP Morgan and Amazon are investing heavily in technology and seeking more IT expatriates