Welcome to the CompTIA community, Let’s Talk

CompTIA is creating a global community to connect with members, foster greater collaboration between members, provide the tools and resources necessary for tech businesses to succeed, and to build a stronger network. CompTIA members will soon enjoy a variety of new and improved benefits, including the ability to help MSPs increase cybersecurity resilience and open new doors for partnership and opportunity, according to MJ Shoer chief community officer.
These initiatives are part of a larger strategy by CompTIA to create a global community that allows it to be closer to its members, foster greater collaboration between members, provide the tools and resources needed to make tech businesses more profitable, and to foster greater communication among them.
Shoer stated that “our mission is to help each person in this room, as well as the entire tech industry and the world,” during a keynote session at CompTIA’s Communities & Councils Forum. “We are very grateful for this chance. We want to create the workforce of 21st century – to make it easier for you all to find qualified workers tomorrow, and for the next few years. We are growing our global network of relevance, and you are a key part of that strategy.
CompTIA provided a number of new benefits and program enhancements that CompTIA designed to achieve these goals. Here are a few of them:

All MSP members receive a free CompTIA ISAO membership
According to Shoer, cybersecurity is now a must for any solution provider, MSP, or tech company. They cannot ignore the risks and threats to their customers and business. CompTIA is offering free membership to all solution provider members in the CompTIA ISAO. This is to encourage solution providers to invest in their security resilience through the CompTIA ISAO’s threat feeds and other resources.
Shoer stated that “We’re going double down on security and Wayne Selk [CompTIA vice president of cybersecurity programmes and executive director at the CompTIA ISOO] will help taking it to the next level.” “If the current events in the world aren’t enough to make security imperative, nothing will. MSPs who don’t become security MSPs won’t be MSPs within months or years. It’s the reality that we live in.”

New Communities Structure Will Foster Collaboration
CompTIA’s new strategy for communities will see the Advancing Technology Talent and Diversity Community, Canadian Business Technology Community Cybersecurity Community and Managed Services Community merged under a North America community. This community will be joined by the existing UK and Benelux regional communities. Each community will have new committees that allow members to continue to focus on cybersecurity, managed service, emerging technology and other future topics. The new structure allows for greater collaboration across regions, such as increased communication among cybersecurity committees in North America, the UK, Benelux, and ANZ.
“We must be able adapt quickly and agilely to changes and follow any trends in a particular region. An MSP in Melbourne, Australia may discover a game-changing service that is right for them. Shoer stated that there is no reason why they shouldn’t share it with MSPs in Birmingham (Alabama) or Birmingham, U.K.

Communities, Industry Advisory Councils Working Together
Shoer said that there will be more collaboration between CompTIA’s communities, Industry Advisory Councils and CompTIA’s communities. Some of these collaborations are already in place, including the ability for Industry Advisory Council members to attend CompTIA CCF community meetings and collaboration on projects like the recent From Promise to Profit YouTube video series with members from the Emerging Technology Community as well as several councils.
“We will push our communities and councils together. Shoer stated that there will be a network of connective tissue so that members of our communities can benefit and vice versa from the Industry Advisory Councils. It’s all part in helping us get closer and help you best.

You might consider hiring CompTIA Tech Career Academy Grads
CompTIA CCF provided Shoer and Nancy Hammervik with an opportunity to discuss the transition and what’s next. Hammervik thanked CompTIA membership for their efforts and recalled 11 fond memories as she ran the membership business.
It’s been a gift. The members are what is most dear to my heart. It never got boring. She said that every time there was a community meeting, people from all corners of the globe were building friendships and relationships. “It never stopped to amaze me how much energy, collaborations, friendship and enthusiasm our members bring to a meeting.”
Hammervik is now the CEO of CompTIA Tech Career Academy.