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Planning and organization are essential for managing multiple projects. Every project manager must consider the best tools to help them stay organized.
Recently, a PM from our Slack Team asked us what tools we use for tracking URLs and instances while working on multiple projects.
There are many great tools out there, and I’ve written extensively about them in our project management tool reviews. This section contains detailed reviews and overviews on the best project scheduling tools. It also includes detailed reviews of tools that enable team collaboration. Our guide to choosing the best project portfolio management software might help you manage multiple projects.
Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. This video will show you how to use a few of the most common tools.
Confluence (a Wiki to edit and update project information).
Google apps like Google Sheets and Google Docs are great if there are no security concerns with your clients.
Google Keep (useful for passwords and links storage)
Dropbox Paper (file sharing, collaboration)
LinkedIn (for profile of team members).
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