Top 30 Sample Questions for MS700 Certification Exam: Managing Microsoft Teams Certification

Candidates who are interested in managing Microsoft Teams efficiently and effectively within a corporate-level Microsoft 365 environment will need to take the MS-700 Certification Exam.
Microsoft 365 Teams certification exam MS-700 certifies candidates’ technical skills. This includes managing chat, calling, meetings and managing teams. The candidate must also have a basic understanding of integration with apps or services.
Here is a Study Guide to Managing Microsoft 365 Certification Exam for those who have just started their journey in Microsoft 365.
If you’re interested in a career as a Microsoft Teams expert, and want to understand the benefits and SaaS models of cloud services and how to implement Microsoft 365 cloud services, this is the place to start your preparation.
Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet can you use to create Microsoft 365 group?
a. New-UnifiedGroupb. New-AzureAdGroupc. New-DistributionGroupd. New-AdGroup
Which of these are supported channel types by Microsoft Teams?
(Select 2)a. Group-wide channelsb. Private channelsc. Company-wide channelsd. Public channels
What resources are included in a Microsoft 365 Group’s resource list?
(Select 3a. Microsoft SharePoint siteb. Power Automate.c. Microsoft Plannerd. Microsoft Kaizalae. Microsoft To Dof. Microsoft Stream
Contoso Ltd. has created a team to support the new series of marketing campaigns that will be conducted with external vendors. The team owner wants to limit sensitive information to a select group of team members, including managers from external vendors. What solution should you recommend for the team owner?
a. Create a new teamb. Create a private channelc. Create a standard channel
Which of these statements is correct?
(Select 2)
a. Each private channel of a team receives a subsite under their default team site.b. Each private channel of a team receives a new SharePoint site, which is different from the default site.c. Each standard channel within a team receives a folder in the default team site’s document library.d. Only team owners have the ability to create new channels.
What is the minimum basis for a team?
a. An Exchange Online mailboxb. A Distribution groupc. A Microsoft 365 Groupd. A new Microsoft project
Which one of the following features will allow you to efficiently manage and track group memberships for both internal users and guests?
a. Group activity reportsb. Group guest accessc. Hidden membershipd. Azure AD access reviews
Which of these locations can you create a team?
(Select 2)
a. Microsoft 365 admin centerb. Teams admin centerc. Azure AD admin centerd. SharePoint admin center
Which of these are not prerequisites for implementing information barrier policies?
a. Create Exchange address book policiesb. Turn on audit logc. Allow scoped directory searchd. Admin consent to information barriers in Microsoft Teams
Which of these MFA second factor options requires you to have a hybrid setup to protect your identities?a Phone Call
b. Text Messagec Mobile App Verification Coded. Mobile App Verification Coded.
Microsoft 365 offers many security and compliance features for Microsoft Teams. Which of these features can be applied in Microsoft Teams?
a. Expiration policiesb. Retention policiesc. Data loss prevention policiesd. ActiveSync policies
There are two ways to upgrade from Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams. Which of these coexistence modes is the initial phase of a direct upgrade?
a. Islandsb. Skype for Business with Teams (SfBWithTeamsCollab)c. Skype for Business with Teams(SfBWithTeamsCollabAndMeetings)d. Teams Only
The Meeting Migration Service (MMS), updates the user’s ex.