Tips for taking online exams

Online exams can be confusing for some students. They don’t know what they can expect and aren’t sure of the strategies and skills that will allow them to succeed. It’s a good thing that many of the steps they would take to pass an online exam are similar to the ones they’d do when they prepare for an in-class exam. However, there are some differences that may require some extra preparation and awareness. Many faculty use test monitoring software or LockDown Browser to ensure exam integrity. Students should be aware that they may need to download these tools and learn how to use them.
Ryan Watkins, Michael Corry, and Michael Corry offer several steps students can follow to be successful on online exams in their book E-Learning Companion. Below are the adaptations. These tips might be useful for students.
Preparation for the Online Exam
Learn and understand the test guidelines. These questions will help you determine whether the test will be held at a particular time or at a specific time. What time will it take to complete the test? Is it possible to take the test at your home or in a particular location (e.g., campus computer lab) Is there anything else the instructor would like you to know?
The test format. What kinds of questions will the instructor use on the exam–multiple-choice, fill-in, short answer, essay? Maybe a combination of several types?
Take a test. Take the practice exam if your instructor has one. You might also find practice exams in your class textbook.
Make sure you are checking your computer. Avoid last-minute problems You can verify that your computer has the right hardware and software, whether you are using it at home or in a lab. Make sure you have access to the Internet.
Learn the class materials! It doesn’t matter if the test is “open-book”, it is still important to review the class materials as if you were studying for the test in a classroom.
Plan your time. Limit your time for the test. Decide how much time you will spend on each question. If the test takes you an hour, you’ll have
You can create a quiet area for test-taking with minimal distractions. All notifications from IM and your phone, as well as your email, should be turned off. Turn off the TV and radio. Tell your family members and roommates that you will be taking a test. This will make them less likely to interrupt you.
Decide when you will take your test. The exam may be required to be taken at a particular time. However, if the test is available for several hours or even a few weeks, choose a time that allows for the least distraction, interruption, stress, and stress.
All the materials you will need to pass the test. You should have all the materials you need, such as books, notes, and writing implements, with you.
Take a deep breath! Once you have logged in, relax and focus.
Focus during the Online Exam
Keep an eye on your clock. You might set an alarm to notify when you have less time (e.g. 10 minutes) left in your testing period.
If your instructor allows, print and save copies both of the questions and your answers. These can be very helpful if you have technical issues during the test, or if you have trouble submitting your answers.
Do not leave the test page. You are allowed to search the internet or visit other websites. However, you should not use the same browser tab or copy as you used for the exam. You could lose all your work. Instead, open a new copy of your browser or a completely different browser and then perform your search.
Are you having technical problems? Don’t panic. However, you should contact your instructor immediately to describe the problem and any error messages. It is also helpful to take a screen capture.
Before you submit your work, make sure it is checked for errors. You must ensure that each answer is correct and looks the way you intended. Check the accuracy of your answers and your spelling and grammar.
Click submit. This should only be necessary once. If you still have problems, please try again. If you have any problems submitting the test, let your instructor immediately and attach your intended answers.
After the Online Exam: Review
Evaluate your own progress. What do you think you did? What questions did you find confusing? Did you have to skip any questions? You don’t have to skip anything.
Check your grade. You may be able see your grade right away in some cases. Exams with written answers won’t work.