Tim’s MCSE Journey Part 1: 70-417

Editor’s note: SPOTO trainer Tim Warner will be taking the exams for MCSE certifications for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2012. He will have completed five exams in just five weeks. Tim blogs about his experiences, providing valuable insight and advice to other test-takers. Here is part 1 of his third blog entry.
Hello everybody! This blog post is important because it answers many questions about Microsoft Exam 70-417, Upgrading your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012.
Everyone seems to be asking the same question: “What’s up with the R2 updates?” Are you going to update the SPOTO training courses?
You’ll know everything you need to know about the 417 test by the end of this article. This will make it easier to study the newly-added material.
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Start trainingExam 70-417: Quick Schematic
First, be aware that Exam 70-417 may not be for everyone. This exam is an upgrade exam for Windows Server 2008 certified users. It allows them to accelerate their certification track to a variety current-generation Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) titles.
Windows Server 2012
SharePoint Server 2013
Lync Server 2013

The 417 exam is a composite exam. It consists of three separate timed and separately graded testlets. The total number of questions you will see is approximately 75. Each testlet contains approximately 25 multiple-choice and interactive questions.
You might wonder, “Where did the 417 exam content come? The three Exam 70-417 testlets are actually derived from three “feeder exams”.
Exam 70-410: Configuring and Installing Windows Server 2012
Exam 70-411: Administration of Windows Server 2012
Exam 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Service Services

Each testlet takes approximately 30 minutes. You can’t go back after you have submitted answers to one testlet.
The passing score for the 417 test (700/1000) is the same as for all other Microsoft IT Pro tests (700/1000), but there is one important twist. Each testlet is graded separately and your overall pass/fail score comes from the lowest score of each testlet!
You guessed it! This means that I would fail the 417 exam if I scored 840 for the 410 material, 730 for the 411 content, or 650 on 412. Dang, that’s harsh!
There are no case studies for the 417 exam, which is a huge plus. Instead, you will see the usual assortment of exam items, including the following:
Multiple choice single answer (Choose best answer)
Multiple answer multiple choice (Choose 2, Choose 3, etc.)
Interactive: Place the Target (click on the appropriate area in an interface screenshot).
Interactive: Build a List and Reorder (choose as many blocks from a given list and arrange them in the right order).
Interactive: Fill in the blank (Fill-in the blank sentences where you select the missing element using a drop-down control)

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Next Tim talks about the 70-417 exam content areas and R2 updates!
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