Tim’s MCSE Journey: 70-413 Part 1

Editor’s note: SPOTO trainer Tim Warner will be taking the exams for MCSE certifications for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2012. He will have completed five exams in just five weeks. Tim blogs about his experiences, providing valuable insight and advice to other test-takers. Here is part 1 of his fourth blog entry.
Hello everyone! Today, I’d like to show you Microsoft Exam 70-413: Designing and Implementing Windows Server 2012 Server Infrastructure. This exam is difficult for a few reasons, which I will explain in this blog post.
You can combine design-oriented subject material, case study format, and some verbose (or perhaps overly) picky question to create an exam you’ll be relieved to pass.
What kind of exam is this?
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Start trainingExam 70-413 forms part of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert track for Windows Server 2012. To earn their credential as MCSE candidates, all must pass this exam regardless of whether they are eligible for the Exam 70-417 upgrade.
This time, the focus is on design and not implementation of Windows Server 2012-based solutions. Do not be deceived. You will still have many questions that will require you to use your Windows Server 2008 skills, particularly in regards to functional levels, FSMO roles and capabilities for each Windows Server product version.
According to Microsoft, the goal is to prove that you can interpret case studies and match Microsoft technology features to client requirements. This means you will be tested on your comprehension and logic skills as well as your knowledge about Windows Server 2012 and related technologies.
Exam Structure
Exam 70-413, as I have already mentioned, uses the case study format. The exam will have approximately two case studies, each of which is partitioned from the other. This means that once you have completed one case study, you can’t go back to another case to review your answers.
Each case study contains approximately 8 questions and uses both interactive and non-interactive item formats.
Multiple choice single-answer (choose the best answer).
Multiple choice multiple answer (Choose all that are applicable)
Interactive: Drag and drop (Basically a matching exercise).
Interactive: Place the Target (Click the image to place it in the right spot)
Interactive: Build a List and Reorder (Stack some procedure block and place them in the correct order)

The entire exam has 51 questions that must be completed in approximately 130 minutes. I’m sure you’re wondering what the remaining questions are. The third section of this test is composed of both interactive and non-interactive standalone items.
Be aware that there is a lot of reading to be done in both the case studies and in the item stems for the standalone questions. If possible, register for this exam in your native language.
Next up: Tim discusses content areas that are heavily stressed on the 70-413 exam and offers tips/tricks to help you pass the exam.
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