This Week: VMware VSphere 6.5

We celebrated Keith Barker’s recent release of vSphere6.5. This week, we did a deep dive into VMware’s flagship product, the certifications you need to be a virtualization pro, as well as pondering the future of virtualization.
What’s new: vSphere 6.5 vs. vSphere 6.0 Does it seem like yesterday that VMware released vSphere 6. Now you need to be up-to-date on the latest version… vSphere 6. We have a list of the new features in the product and the certification.
4 Virtualization Certifications You Need in 2017Virtualization has become a vital technology. With VMware’s vSphere 6.5 on the market, it’s never been easier to add virtualization to your IT skills or to improve your existing ones. We highlight the virtualization certifications you will need to be a star.
How to Build a vSphere 6.5 Lab It is essential to understand a technology. This week’s webinar featured Keith Barker, a trainer, who discussed how you can create a home lab to allow you to learn how to use vSphere 6.5 to your advantage!
How vSphere6.5 Works with AWSVirtualization. The cloud and vSphere are a match made in Heaven, so they work well together. We took a look at the way vSphere 6.5 interacts with Amazon Web Services. It’s amazing!
Virtualization: Is it the Future Bright? Virtualization is now a standard in IT operations for many companies. VMware is still the virtualization king. What’s next? We look into the future and predict how virtualization is going to continue to impact many areas of IT.

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