These are the 6 Best Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Written by Rachel Burger, Project Management Expert @CapterraPM.
Although you wouldn’t think Oprah Winfrey is the most relatable entrepreneur out there, this quote makes me feel on a level not seen by many.
It’s easier for me make big life decisions that cost millions of dollars than it is to choose a carpet for my front yard.
Too real. My work life is organized and I can remember every email, task, and project I’m working on. But when it comes time to pick out decor (or even picking up eggs), I’m as scattered-brained as a high school student on her first date. If you didn’t worry about me forgetting how to get home, you wouldn’t take Mom home.

I have learned to rely heavily on to-do lists for my personal task management in my older years. I use the Getting Things Done method and rely on task-management software to keep me on track.
You might have tried a variety of task management apps and project management tools as a freelancer or entrepreneur to keep you on track. But you will likely return to your email, pen and notebook, and personal memories a month later. I understand that an app is only useful if the user puts in the time and learns how it works. Sometimes I quit to-do apps because they were too difficult to use, and sometimes because my own system was more efficient.
But, I have found my Cinderella-slipper productivity app (Todoist) and I cannot imagine life without it. However, my needs as an individual contributor differ from those of freelancers or entrepreneurs. You guys often have multiple projects and need something that is easy to use and quick to pick up. Also, you need something that can be used as a project manager for each user.
There are many apps that you will find interesting.
This article reviews six highly-rated, free task management software apps. The Best To-Do Apps
I considered over 500 options before narrowing it down to six apps that I liked the most. These features were important to me in order to find the best apps.
These six productivity tools were ranked in order of user reviews.
6. Wrike

Wrike is the sixth program on this list. Before you turn your back on it, remember that it has received the most reviews of any program on the list. It has received over 450 positive reviews on Capterra. Wrike is also a top-rated free project management app, a top Getting Things Done tool and a top solution to entrepreneurs.
The basic version of Wrike may not be sufficient if you require powerful task management software. The basic tier of Wrike is not lacking in features. Users can manage tasks, store up to 2GB, and track details for unlimited project. However, the $9.80 per month upgrade to “professional” is well worth it. You can get integrations with Microsoft Project and Gantt charts functionality as well as upgraded storage up to 5GB for $117.60 per year (which is less than Mila Kunis’ wedding band).
What’s Great:
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Wrike Capterra Reviews:
Overall: 4.5
Customer Service: 4
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5. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a great choice for freelancers who rely on many different tools and need a central task management system that can consolidate them all. ProWorkflow is a light project management/heavy task management app that was designed to manage tasks, time tracking and customer relations.
Brad Egeland, a project manager expert, has praised the tool’s “world class support” and praised ProWorkflow’s team for being honest.
ProWorkflow isn’t lacking in capabilities when you dive into the product. ProWorkflow’s basic “solo” tier ($10/month) includes rich task features like dependenci