The Top 5 Certifications for Project Managers

While project management is increasingly being recognized as the backbone of any successful organization, it is not a mandatory requirement. However, there is undisputed evidence that PM certification can significantly enhance PM skills and boost a PM’s portfolio.
You can showcase your PM certification skills by creating a portfolio website that will attract potential clients.
There are many PM certifications and apprenticeships available. However, not all of them will give you the knowledge or credentials required to succeed in project management.
This article will narrow down the seemingly endless list of PM certifications to the top five PM certifications.
1. PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification
Project Management Professional certification is the oldest and most widely recognized PM (Project Management). PMP was first launched by the PMI (Project Management Institute) in 1984. It is a preferred PM certification for hiring managers.
In fact, PMP was ranked among the top 10 certifications according to the 2015 Certification Magazine Salary Survey. This survey found that respondents reported an average salary of PS50,000.00 or higher.
However, the PMP certification is not for inexperienced project managers.
Project managers who want to be certified must have at least 3 years of experience in project management. This includes at least 4500 hours of project leadership and/or direction. They also need to have 35 hours of project management education before they can submit an application.
Applicants who do not have a four-year degree will be subject to even more stringent requirements. Accepted applicants for this certification will need to agree to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. After this, the applicant can take the PMP certification.
PMP Exam Details
Candidates who have been approved for the PMP exam must answer 200 multiple-choice questions in a four-hour time frame. While the minimum passing score is not disclosed, candidates are encouraged to score at most 75%.
PMP-certified project managers will need to renew their certification every three years via professional development units.
You may be new to project management, or you still need the credentials to take the PMP exam. The PRINCE2 certification (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a good option.
This certification is perfect for new or aspiring project managers who want to improve their PM skills and knowledge.
It is a generic method for project management that is based on PRINCE. This certification was initially designed to be used in IT environments. However, it was discovered that the processes could be used in many other environments over time. This is what led to the creation of PRINCE2.
PRINCE2 Exam Details
Candidates taking the PRINCE2 certification test will have 60 minutes to complete 70 multiple-choice questions (plus 5 trial) and must score a minimum of 35/70 in order to receive a passing mark.
Candidates will need the following to be eligible to take the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management).
23 hours of Project Management Education
Secondary degree or at least 1500 hours of experience in a project
CAPM certification is valid up to 5 years. It does not require professional development units, like the PMP certification. However, you will need the CAPM exam updated to keep abreast of any changes to the PMBOK.
CAPM Exam Details
It is not disclosed what the miRNA looks like, just as with the PMP certification.