Task Filters, Batch Editing and Project Progress Bar, Overview Of Completed Tasks

Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of ActiveCollab’s monthly recaps. Last month we introduced the new Project header and the “Add” button. We also showed the option to schedule notifications via the mobile app. We’ll be discussing more exciting features we’ve added on the Project page and mobile app. Batch editing and filtering
You might be familiar with the Column and Timeline views, but you may have noticed some changes. The header now offers the ability to filter tasks by multiple criteria. You can now filter tasks by assignees, due dates and labels. This should make it easier to find what you are looking for. You can remove the filters from the list view by clicking once you’re done. This is great news for those who need to make changes to multiple tasks at once. Batch editing mode now offers the ability to select entire task lists from one click. This feature is expected to automate your work and reduce time. We have added the progress bar to the Project info. Mobile app
The latest version of the mobile app features a new screen that displays all completed tasks. They will be sorted chronologically according to their completion date. You can also access your task lists and reopen them as needed. Download the mobile app for Android and iOS to get started collaborating with your team from wherever you are.
April’s uptime was 99.99%. ActiveCollab is essential for many teams in day-to-day operations. Our main goal is to keep it running flawlessly at all times. We are here to help!
We’ll continue to work on the Project page in May. This will make it easier to reorganize task lists. We look forward to your feedback about all these new options.