Task Dependencies with Automatic Rescheduling

Oh no! Your Lead Dev just won an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.
In today’s world, everyone talks about independence. Even my dog walks on his own leash. We love to see those dependencies in our professional lives. We love to see the big picture, to see it all from a distance. We love knowing how things are done. Timelines are important to us. Task Dependencies walk the red carpet
Jin, the Project Manager, comes in and announces that the team has been granted the green light to proceed with the Prototype phase of the project. Everyone gives a high-five, hugs, and a few cans of tssst. Now they all know the drill: Create a wireframe
UI design
Deliver a prototype
Validate your idea with usability testing
This flow provides the basic timeline. This flow gives Jin a basic timeline. Because Jin understands that the order of tasks must be followed. Because Jin knows that the order of task completion is crucial. These tasks will all fit together in this beautiful and insightful timeline.
Task Dependencies are by far the most requested ActiveCollab feature. This is why we made it a top priority in designing ActiveCollab. Every single feature request and comment from our users was taken into consideration. Single. One. Project managers face one of the greatest problems: they have to waste their time moving tasks around by date whenever there is a change in the project, even if it is minor. If Trevor the Designer suddenly decides that he wants to become a turnip farm owner, Jin will do this: Click, set another date. Click, set a new time. Click to set a new date. If you move tasks from one parent to another, the child tasks will follow them. This maintains the same date relationship. This means that you only need to make a small time change to the parent to update all child tasks. You can take a proactive and agile approach to these challenges. This allows you to focus on real work and not on the tedious, automated work. Frameworks and Methodologies for Project Management
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