Target Project Budget, New Column View EAP

It seems that one month is a work in progress and the next is full of tangible results. This month could be referred to as the first of the two. We introduced quite a few new features in April, including Default billable status and Duplicate task list. We also introduced new project budgeting types. This will be discussed later. May’s shortlist: Onboarding flow for new budgeting types
Projects’ budget target
A refurbished Column view
New types of project budgeting
It was introduced to you in April. However, that doesn’t mean that we stopped working on it. This is when the party began. These changes required a lot of effort. We didn’t want anyone to be confused or stranded. The app displayed a series of screens that explained all details about data migration. We wanted to make sure that you choose the right budget type for each project, and understand what they bring to your system. We wait patiently for your feedback before releasing a feature. Then, we refine it based on your comments. To put our money where it matters, we modified the Time and expenses budget and added (broughtback, actually) a Target budget. This allows you to set a budget when you start a project. Once your team has started working on it, all tracked time and expenses can now be invoiced. This won’t impact your budget target. It is there to give you an overview of your projects’ progress. This was the most important feedback we received on our new budgeting methods. It brings us to our next goal, budget alerts. They will be available for Fixed, Time, and Expense types by the end of each month. Users will be able choose whether they would like to be notified when the spend amount exceeds a certain percentage of their budget. We’re still on the subject. There’s some good news from the Estimates department. If you create a project from an Estimate, the name of the company, currency, and budget will all be copied. You have more time for real work!
Kanban is a favorite of everyone! It’s so visually appealing, how could you not love it? It’s been with us since 2015, along the List view and Timeline view. It was time to get it back and make it better. We are pleased to announce that the Early Access Program will be available very soon! Contact our Support Team to learn more about the new features. A new column has been created that is exclusively for completed tasks. Drag and drop your tasks to the new column and they will be marked as complete. You can reopen them by simply moving them to the appropriate task list. ActiveCollab is able to track all changes in real-time. You don’t need to refresh ActiveCollab every time you want to see the most recent version of your project. This is only the beginning, as we have said before. We are eager to hear from you, so that we can make your experience even more enjoyable. Frameworks and Project Management Methodologies
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Below is an image that shows our continuous 100% uptime in May. Contact our Support Team or Twitter if you have any problems.
June and July will be all over the Column view Early Access Program and implementing budget alerts.