Project Ownership I’m currently reading Projectegrity by Rick Valerga. It’s proving to be a great read. Rick has many great ideas about how to lead projects and gives some excellent examples to support them. Chesley “Sully”, Sullenberger is a great example of what “ownership” really means. Sully, Landing in the Hudson River, was the pilot who saved passengers and crew on a US Airways flight that morning. He took full ownership of the situation when the plane encountered a large flock geese and disabled both engines. “Sully didn’t curse his boss, his maintenance crew, or the birds. He was too busy rescuing 155 people. I love The Integrity Formula Rick’s list of practices that he calls “The Integrity Formula”.

  • Ownership
  • Perspective
  • Expectation Management
  • Alignment
  • Engagement

You can read Rick’s book to find out more. The kindle edition is well worth the time. I downloaded the free app for my iPhone. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. I can also ask Rick directly questions. I have spoken with Rick many times before and he is a man of integrity. I know he will be happy to answer any questions.