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Plan your AWS Career

Amazon Web Services has been the market leader for Cloud offerings for over a decade. AWS currently offers almost 100 services, which range from storage and compute services to AI and Machine Learning-oriented services. AWS Experts and Engineers are in high demand in India and around the world due to the rapid growth of these…

Azure Python Data Science

Programming used to follow a cycle of write, compile and check, which was common in the past. Modern programming applications have different requirements. This system has proven to be reliable. Text editors have always been my preference over IDEs. This is partly because I started coding with text editors. Text editors made it easy to…

Overview of Migration from MongoDB to AWS DynamoDB

Recent years have seen an increase in data volume used by the IT industry to perform analytics and processing. Traditional storage methods include a relational database and an off-premises server. This setup is not able to handle all requests due to limited infrastructure capabilities. Data is dynamic, unstructured and constantly changing. A no-SQL database can…

Overview of AWS EKS Security best practices

TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Overview2. Amazon EKS Workflow3. AWS EKS Security4. Managing Authorization, Access Control, and Authentication5. Monitoring and Security of Amazon EKS Resources6. Amazon EKS Use Cases9. Conclusion10. CloudThat11. FAQs Overview Kubernetes security within EKS is AWS’ responsibility. This shared responsibility model splits the security aspect of AWS Security and Client side Security. Amazon…

What you need to know about the new Windows 10 exams

MCSA: Window 10 certification ends next month. Don’t be afraid to validate your Windows knowledge with certification. There are two new Windows exams available. If you pass both, you will earn a new certification. Each one is covered in our Windows 10 training, as luck would have it. Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administration Associate…

What’s new with CompTIA A+

Although it took a while, the CompTIA A+ certification has finally been released. CompTIA released the Core 1 (220-1001 and Core 2 (220-1002) exams earlier this month to great fanfare. CompTIA A+ is widely considered the best place to begin your IT training journey. There is a lot of new material in the Core 1…

What’s New? vSphere 6.0 vs.

VMware announced last year the new version of their virtualization platform. They claimed it was the most secure and versatile platform yet. We will take a look at what VMware did to vSphere in the most recent version and what it means for earning the updated VMware Certified Professional certification. vSphere is VMware’s suite of…