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Los Angeles, CA Attorneys for Other Types of DiscriminationLos Angeles, CA Attorneys for Other Types of Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
It is illegal for an employer to treat an employee or applicant unfavorably on account of his or her religious beliefs. Religious discrimination not only applies to employees belonging to religious groups such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but also those who have other religious, moral, or ethical beliefs.
An employer may also be liable for religious discrimination when they treat a worker unfairly or differently because their spouse is of a particular religion. The protection against religious discrimination extends to all aspects of employment from hiring, firing, promotion, compensation, training, fringe benefits, job assignments, and any other term or condition of employment.
Sex Discrimination
It is illegal to treat someone unfavorably because of that person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or transgender status.
Common Sex Discrimination Activities
Failing to hire someone because of their transgender status
Terminating an employee who has made a gender transition
Intentionally and persistently failing or refusing to use the name and gender pronoun corresponding to the gender identity of an employee after an employee has undergone a gender transition and communicated the same to his or her employer
Prohibiting an employee access to a common restroom corresponding to the employee’s gender identity
Bypassing the promotion of an employee on account of their sexual orientation
Denying spousal health insurance benefits to an employee on account of having a same-sex spouse, while extending spousal health insurance to other-sex spouses of employees
Using derogatory terms, making sexually oriented comments, or disparaging remarks at an employee because of their sexual orientation
Race or Color Discrimination
Another type of discrimination involves the unfavorable treatment of an individual because of their race or personal characteristics associated with race or skin color.
There may be race discrimination even when the victim and the person who inflicted the discrimination are of the same race or color. It is sufficient that the unfavorable treatment in hiring, firing, pay, promotion, and other employment term and condition is based on the individual’s race, skin color, or physical features associated with one’s race.
An employee’s right against race discrimination also protects them from harassment, which may take the form of:
Racial slurs
Display of symbols that are racially offensive
Offensive remarks referring to a person’s race or color
While offhand comments, small teasing remarks, or isolated incidents that are not serious may not necessarily constitute race discrimination or harassment, the law punishes frequent or severe comments or teasing that create a hostile or offensive work environment or when the severe comments lead to an adverse employment decision.
If you feel that you are being harassed due to your race or color at work, it helps to talk to an experienced employment discrimination attorney about it. Your lawyer can take steps to prevent the harassment from continuing, and hold the persons responsible liable for the emotional distress that you may have experienced. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you may also be able to pursue legal action against your employer for any adverse employment action because of race or color discrimination.
Importance of Employment Discrimination AttorneysImportance of Employment Discrimination Attorneys
Discrimination at work can have severe adverse consequences on your personal life. Not only can discrimination put you at risk of losing your job and source of income, but it can also prevent you from exercising your civil liberties such as gender expression, gender identity, religious expression, and growing a family. This can lead to emotional distress and in serious cases, physical harm or injury.
While you have rights against employment discrimination, asserting and enforcing those rights can be a difficult challenge unless you have a competent and experienced attorney beside you to advise you and represent you.
Civil remedies that are available to an aggrieved employee or job applicant can be complicated for anyone who has no experience in litigation. In cases alleging employment discrimination, it is crucial to prove that an employer or supervisor has the animus or hate in their heart that is the reason for the unfavorable treatment.
Rushovich Mehtani LLP Can Help You
At the law firm of Rushovich Mehtani LLP, our employment law attorneys have decades of combined labor law experience. Our legal team is composed of top caliber attorneys whose prior years of experience include representing big companies and employers, providing us with a unique advantage of knowing how employers think, which allows us to obtain the best results for our clients.
Our firm is prepared to assist you the moment you see us for a free consultation. We have helped clients receive what they legally deserve by resolving cases before they even reach trial. If necessary, our compassionate employment discrimination attorneys are also prepared to go to trial in order to get the best outcomes for you.
Our founders are members of the California state bar and our offices are headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We handle all aspects of employment law such as wrongful termination cases, employment discrimination, harassment, wage and hour cases, retaliation cases, and whistleblower cases.
Team-Focused Employment Law Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA
At Rushovich Mehtani LLP, we approach each case that we represent as a team. Each lawyer and support staff member in our firm takes our legal responsibilities very seriously, and our commitment to our clients very personally.
The individuals we represent are not just a case: They are people. They are people who have families and livelihoods to uphold in our community. When our client’s happiness is upset at work by illegal and damaging behavior, we will work tirelessly to ensure they get the most out of their case’s results, whether it’s through negotiations, mediation or trial. We are committed to providing exceptional results for our clients because we know that their lives literally depend on it.
Many of our employment law attorneys in Los Angeles spent their early years representing corporate employers who were being accused of wrongful termination and discrimination suits. The experience of legally representing the other side was invaluable, as we know exactly what your employer’s course of legal defense will be once we file your claim against them. While we are better attorneys for knowing each side of the case fully, we are better people for upholding the rights of the employees and seeking the best financial recovery options possible for them – not protecting large firms from the people of California.
We welcome your call today at (323) 433-9094 to arrange your free initial consultation.
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