Interview Questions and Answers for the Top 25 Microsoft Power Apps Consultants

Data Modelling is a skill that technical business analysts and programmers are skilled in. They can create and enforce business processes and solve business problems with Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. A basic understanding of data modelling, user experience design and requirement is necessary for IT professionals who want to make a career as Power Apps Consultants. Power Apps Consultants can impress clients with model-driven charts and dashboards as well as user-friendly GUI. To impress your interviewer, you must prepare well.
This article will challenge your understanding of Microsoft Power Apps and sharpen your skills.
Here are the top 25 interview questions and answers for the role as Microsoft Power Apps Consultant.
Q1. Q1. Why is the Patch function used for canvas apps?
A: The patch function is used to add/modify records in a data source.
Q2. Q2. What is the difference in PowerApps’ Match, Match, and MatchAll functions?
A: The IsMatch function can be used to determine if a string matches an existing pattern. It is usually performed with a regular expression and returns True or False. The Match function returns the first record to match a pattern. The MatchAll function returns a table containing every match.
Q3. Q3. You are creating a canvas app. The app screens continue to grow despite the changes made by the client. How can you reuse the configurations you have created within a canvas app.
A: Create a test screen. Add all the controls you use in the app. Configure the properties according to your needs and re-use them on other screens.
Q4. Q4.
A: Adding the app in Teams can increase accessibility.
Q5. Q5.Can you as a consultant choose Model-driven apps instead of Canvas apps?
A: Model-driven apps are possible when the data can be handled using Dataverse defined tables.
Q6. Q6. How can you ensure that a canvas app is versioned in a collaborative environment?
A: You can leave a comment or note about the version of the app while you save it. A label on the Home screen can be used to indicate a version number. This can be maintained by the app maker.
Q7. Q7. Can you share a Canvas app with contractors and business partners?
A: Yes. Guest users can be invited to the app by using Azure AD B2B external collaborative for the tenant.
Q8. Q8.
A: Context variables and global variables
Q9. Q9. What’s the purpose of the SaveData() function
A: SaveData() can be used to store a collection that can later be used in the app.
Q10. Q10. Can responsiveness be added to canvas apps?
A: Yes. You can use the height and width properties on app screens to accomplish this. Container controls can also be used.
Q11. Q11. Does increasing the number of connections in an app affect the performance?
A: Yes, that is possible. A collection and storage can be a better option than using an Office 365 connection to capture employee details.
Q12. Q12. What is delegation in PowerApps?
A: Delegation refers to a principle that suggests that the majority of data processing should be delegated back to the data source, rather than being done locally on the app.
Q13. Q13.
A: It is not recommended to use the Search function if there are more than 500 records in the data source.
Q14. Q14. Is there a specific situation where you can choose a model-driven app instead of a canvas app.
A: Both can sometimes be s.