Importance CEH Exam

Multinational organizations are seeking more certified and professional ethical hackers to address security-related issues around the globe. CEH Exam is held to train and prepare certified ethical hackers to serve MNCs’ security needs. These skills are not available in traditional textbooks. They go beyond the boundaries of network engineering or mobile technologies.
These are the ethical hackers. Many multinational companies employ a large number certified ethical hackers. These are people who have a deep understanding of network engineering, mobile technology and database system, as well as cyber law. It is not possible for anyone to be an ethical hacker. This requires specialized training and guidance. How to prepare for the Exam?
During the exam, there are many areas that are taught and analyzed. These are the areas:Tools and programs
This category covers the basics of programming and scripting languages, advanced network technologies, background operations and various features of operating system, networking hardware design, security features, and database modules.
This category includes the security-related technologies needed to protect a system and network. It includes the technologies like cryptography, firewalls, validation techniques, wireless technologies, and other physical verification technologies.Analysis
The regulatory framework
It is necessary to be familiar with the regulatory framework surrounding cyber laws, cyber compliances, and the boundaries for a hacker in order to pass the ethical hacker certification. After these skills have been evaluated successfully, you can be certified as an ethical hacker.