How to Pass the GCP Professional Cloud Developer Exam

This article will give you detailed guidance on how to prepare yourself for the Google Cloud professional cloud developers certification exam. This guide will give you a clear understanding of where and how to prepare for the GCP Developer certification exam.
Cloud Certification: The Importance
Before we get into the GCP Cloud Developer certification preparation, let’s first understand why we need a certification.
To reap the benefits of cost-efficiency and resourcefulness, enterprises are migrating to cloud computing. Many organizations now require cloud developers who are skilled in developing cloud-friendly applications.
You must also learn the cloud if you are a developer who wants to keep up with industry trends. The demand for Google Cloud-certified professionals has increased as the Google Cloud has grown in popularity and is comparable with other public cloud leaders like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer Certification would be the one to aim for if your goal is to learn how to build applications for the Google Cloud.
Who is a professional cloud developer?
A professional cloud developer is responsible to create applications that are more scalable and available using Google recommended tools. The professional cloud developer also has experience in cloud native apps, developer tools, next-generation databases, and next generation databases.
The Professional Cloud Developer Certification is for you if you are a Google Cloud Platform developer or want to learn how to build cloud applications.
As per Google:
“Professional Cloud Developers create scalable, highly available applications using Google’s recommended practices and tools. They are familiar with cloud-native apps, developer tools, managed service, and next-generation database technologies. Cloud Developers can also be proficient in at least one general-purpose programming languages and are skilled at creating meaningful metrics and logs to trace and debug code.
About the Exam
The following table contains important exam-related information that will help you prepare.

Preparation steps : Google Cloud Professional Cloud Designer
Let’s now examine the steps required to pass the Google Cloud Developer certification exam on the first attempt.
Step 1: Review the Exam Guide
Start with the official exam book. The official exam guide can be downloaded from the Google Professional Cloud Developer Official Page. Exam topics and services are reviewed. Below is a list of exam domains as well as some important GCP services that you should be focusing on.
Exam Domains
These are the five domains that comprise the GCP Cloud Developer exam.
Cloud-native apps with higher availability, reliability, and scalability.
Testing and building applications.
Application deployment.
Integration of Google Cloud Platform services
Application performance monitoring management.
Blueprint for Google Professional Cloud Developer Certificate Exam
Topic Areas
Designing cloud-native applications with higher scalability, reliability and availabilityDesigning performance applications and APIs
Secure applications
Application data management
Re-architecture of local services to Google Cloud Platform
Building and testing applicationsEstablishing the development environment
Continuous integration pipeline development
Writing Code
Application deploymentImplementation of relevant deployment strategies according to target compute environment
Compute Engine – Deployment and management of services and applications
Deployment and management of services and applications on Google Kubernetes Engine
Data storage resources created
App Engine deployment
Installation of a cloud function
Automated resource provisioning with Deployment manager
Implementation and deployment of networking resources
Service accounts management
Google Cloud Platform Services Integration
Integration of application and compute services
Integration of Google Cloud APIs into applications
Management of application performance monitoringInstallation of logging and monitoring agent
Management of Virtual Machines
Stackdriver to view application performance
Diagnosis of and resolution of performance issues in applications

Step 2: Go to Google Documentation
Once you have a good understanding of what you are expected to do in the exam, you can read the official documentation pages for relevant google cloud services.
Visit the Google Cloud Platform product page.
Identify the products that are relevant to the exam guide. Read the documentation page.
For example: Compute Engine, Cloud Code, Cloud Bu