How can I prepare for the OCPJP Certification Examination?

The Oracle training university endorsed the OCPJP certification program. It is important to understand the requirements and preparation methods before you take the test. It has been renamed the OCAJP certification, which is the most current version and should be taken by all professionals. Type of Exams
These are the two exams that the Oracle training university conducts. Before taking the OCAJP exam, professionals should first take and pass the test. What is the minimum requirement to pass the OCAJP 8 exam? How to prepare for the Exam
Your knowledge of Java will determine the preparation plan and the materials you use. An IT professional who has completed at least 2 years of Java programming Course can study for the exam for only two months. There is no single way to score higher, as there is always more to learn and something new. K&B Books, Bert Bates and Kathrine Sierra are the best and most reliable sources on the market. They provide comprehensive coverage, insightful points, and are easy to understand. The Java Ranch forum – A forum for clearing your doubts. There are hundreds of people who are taking the Oracle certification exam. You can join in the discussion and take the mock exams one at a time to practice. OCPJP offers dedicated groups and discussion forums where you can ask questions and get answers. It’s a paid program, but the quality of the material is worth it.
There are two options for mock exams on Oracle certification or OCPJP exams. One is to subscribe and the other is to get free resources. It is a good idea to take mock exams once you have decided to become a Java professional and are certified.