Get your team certified as a Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Did you know? Microsoft Power BI is a trusted business intelligence tool that can help IT companies grow their businesses. The Power BI data analysts provide actionable insights by using existing data and applying domain expertise. They work with key stakeholders from all verticals to identify business needs, transform and clean the data, then design and build Power BI data models. Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL300 certification validates the skills of data analysts to prepare, model, analyze and deploy data.
About Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL300 Certification
Microsoft Power Platform allows users to perform three data-driven processes: Act, Analyze, and Automate. Power Platform includes Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate (formerly Flow). Candidates who are looking to further their careers in Microsoft Power BI will be able to obtain the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification. The Microsoft Certified – Power BI Data Analyst Associate exam proves that the candidate has the necessary knowledge and skills to become a Microsoft MCA Data Analyst.
Exam Details
Microsoft Power BI PL300 Certification Exam: $165
Prerequisites: Candidates must have a basic understanding about data repositories as well as data processing on-premises or in the cloud.
Exam Duration: 180 minutes
Total Questions: 40-60 Multiple-choice questions (with case studies).
Passing Score: 70%
Exam Topics: These are the PL300 exam topics. They also include the percentage of their appearance in this exam.
Prepare the data (15-20%)
Clean, transform, then load the data

Model the data (30-35%)
Create a data model
DAX allows you to create model calculations
Optimize model performance

Visualize and analyze data (25-30%)Create report
Create dashboards
Enhance reports to improve usability and storytelling
Identify trends and patterns

Manage files and data

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Certification in Your Organization
Let’s see if Microsoft Power BI certification is worth the effort.
Microsoft Power BI certified candidates can be a great asset to their company. They are able to convert data into rich visuals, which allows them to remove business intelligence from important decision-making.
The global Business Intelligence market will grow from $23.1 billion in 2020, to $33.3 billion in 2025. This will make it hard for professionals to extract significant data and improve decision making.
A Microsoft Power BI certified candidate may work as a Data Analyst, Power BI Business Analyst or Power BI Developer, Power BI Database Analyst, Power BI Data Analyst and Senior Business Intelligence Analyst.
NetCom Learning Training for Microsoft PL-300 Certification
NetCom Learning recently launched the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Course for candidates who are interested in data analysis and using Power BI tools to uncover and discover insightful data.
This course covers the Microsoft PL-300 exam objectives and provides best practices for modeling, visualizing and analysing data with Power BI. The training provides access to and processing of data from a variety data sources, including relational as well as non-relational.
PL-300T00 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course teaches you how to implement security standards and policies across all Power BI platforms, including groups and datasets. The course covers the management and implementation of reports and dashboards, as well as sharing and distributing content. This course teaches you how to create paginated reports with Power BI and publish them to a workspace for use with Power BI.
Start your preparations for the Microsoft PL-300 Microsoft certification with NetCom Learning today!
Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool for analyzing data. It helps data analysts keep an eye on the large amount of data generated by the company. The Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification aims to equip analysts with the skills necessary to use and deploy Power BI across multiple organizations. This Microsoft certification is a great way to grow your career as a data analyst. Take our NetCom Learning’s Microsoft Power BI Data Analysis course to upskill your team and become a Microsoft Power BI Data analyst.