ECIH Training can be the best preparation to counter a cyberattack

“We are both vulnerable in the military and our governments, but I believe we’re most vulnerable to cyberattacks from the commercial side. This is a significant challenge. It won’t go away.” – Michael Mullen
The digital revolution is bringing massive amounts of data to businesses. This makes it imperative that cybersecurity measures are in place to protect them from cyberattacks. Recent data breaches at renowned companies like Yahoo, Facebook, Google, have forced the IT industry to rethink their cybersecurity strategy.
Cybersecurity Ventures, an American research firm, predicted that cyberattacks will cost the world $6 trillion per year by 2021. This is up from $3 trillion in 2015. According to Juniper Research data, data breaches will cost businesses more that $150 million in 2020. These numbers clearly show that cyberattacks can cause huge economic losses which must be managed and avoided. The EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Training aims to provide the industry with skilled cybersecurity professionals. These professionals can initiate and manage an effective incident handling plan to counteract the effects of a cyberattack.

What is EC Council Certified Incident Handler Certification (EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Certificate)?
The EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Certification (also known as ECIH Certification) is a industry-approved professional training. It teaches professionals the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage post-breach consequences. They are also able to minimize the reputational and financial damage that can be caused by a breach. The ECIH V2 Certification, which is a specialist-level program that provides hands-on training in real-life situations, equips cybersecurity professionals with the technical knowledge to manage a cyberattack incident effectively and minimize its impact on business operations. This certification can open doors to rewarding careers in cybersecurity.
Who should take ECIH V2 Training
The ECIH V2 course can be a career boost for the following types of professionals:
Risk Assessment Administrators
Cyber Forensic Investigators
System administrators
System Engineers
Incident Handlers
Network Managers
IT professionals
Anyone who is interested in incident handling and response
Final words
Businesses today are more dependent on digital data to be able to operate in a dynamic business environment. Data theft and data breach are always possible because this data is being transmitted through multiple digital channels. An organization can be affected by a data breach. It is important to contain the incident quickly to minimize the impact on business performance. This is where a professional incident handling and response professional becomes necessary. This is why ECIH V2 Certification professionals are highly sought after in the industry.
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