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Every single action taken in a project has a cost, even if it seems insignificant. Project management is all about identifying cost overruns, delays or resource shortages. Project accounting software tracks all details of an ongoing project. This allows project managers to make adjustments as needed and keep within budget.
We discuss and compare project accounting software.
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Financial Accounting Software vs Project Accounting Software
Top Project Accounting SoftwareAcumatica
Freshbooks Premium
Multiview ERP
Sage Intacct

Key Features of Project Accounting Software
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Financial Accounting Software vs Project Accounting Software
Financial accounting software is focused on profit and loss over a period of time and does not allow for tracking project deliverables costs. Project accounting software, on the other hand, can retrieve this cost at any moment to ensure that a resource cost is not exceeding projections. A project manager can also generate daily reports that contain a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), or business metric, which allows them to access relevant granular information much more often than they would from a standard financial accounting software.
During the execution of a project deliverable, resources may come from multiple sources. Project accounting software allows project managers to determine the exact cost of any project deliverable at any stage of the project.
Cost codes allow project managers to quickly identify any problems with project deliverables by using cost codes. Cost codes enable project managers to quickly identify any deliverables that are under or over-cost and adjust accordingly. Alternativly, cost breakdown in standard financial accounting software can be done in broad categories such as account payables or account receivables. These reports are usually made monthly.
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Top Project Accounting Software
VendorComplianceManagementThird PartyIntegrationMulti-CurrencyMulti-CountryOnlinePaymentsRole BasedPermissionsResourceManagement BusinessSizeAcumaticaSmall to LargeFinancialForceSmall to LargeFreshbooks PremiumSmallNetSuiteSmall to LargeMultiview ERPSmall to LargeSage IntacctSmall to LargeStrivenSmall to LargeUnanetSmall to LargeWaveSmallAcumatica
Acumatica, a cloud-based project management software, can be used in multiple countries and can handle multiple currencies. The product also includes tracking and compliance management features. Acumatica provides the complete set of features that decision makers need to manage complex projects. The user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, in addition to the many features.

Principles of Least Privilege are implemented in the financial reporting module. This allows employees to access reports relevant to their assigned tasks. This product can be run on-premise using additional infrastructure and Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2. Acumatica can be used on many of the most popular databases today.
This product has many more benefits than cons. Reviewers have been sceptical about the pricing structure, which is account-based rather than user-based. It is difficult to customize the dashboard to show meaningful information, and it is cumbersome to create unique reports to show project status.
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FinancialForce is unique because it is built on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is a platform for customer relationship management (CRM). Its purpose is to establish working relationships.