Best Linux Certification Books for 2020

Now that you are aware of the importance and how to get a Linux certification, you can start to learn about its curriculum. Let’s take a look at the best Linux certification books to help you prepare for your certification journey.
As we have discussed, it is entirely up to the individual whether they choose to self-study or work with an instructor. Both methods of preparing for the exam require a crucial means, and that is the book. The best source of information to help and guide you is the book. These Linux certification books will also help a person if he passes the exam and gets a job that matches his skills.

Many Linux certification books have been published by authors in response to the increasing popularity of Linux certification. To help you out of this quandary, there are some Linux certification books that are not only the best, but also clear the students’ exams. You can quickly browse the list to find the best Linux certification books that meet your needs.
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Linux Certification Books for Novice
If you’ve only heard the term “LINUX” but never had the opportunity to practice it, then this article will help. This article will help you to find the right path. You can also find the best Linux certification books here if you want to become a Linux administrator.
1. Red Hat Linux Administration: A Beginners’ Guide
This guide will be invaluable to those with extensive knowledge and experience in networking and the Windows operating system. This book provides a light of hope for novices by covering the topology information for Linux networks. It guides them through the installation and configuration, as well as the use of the command line. It also explains how to manage the file system and software, as well as the rights granted to users. The book was written by Steve Shah and Michael Turner. It is published by Mc-Grawhill Osborne Media.
Image Source: Amazon2. Essential Linux Administration: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners
This book, written by Chuck Easttom allows users to grasp the basics of Linux without getting too technical. This book will help you understand more about Linux server administration and network.
It is one of the most popular Linux certification books. It covers everything from Linux introduction to server virtualization. It also contains Linux shell commands that are useful in operating Linux.
Image Source: Amazon3. Linux: Easy Linux for Beginners
This book is a systematic guide for Linux toddlers. It teaches the basics of Linux and the command line terms. The author has updated it this year. He has designed and compiled it so that learning is easy. The new user finds it easy to break down the fundamental concepts into sections. It doesn’t include technical writing.
Felix Alvaro, the author, promises that this publication will provide the knowledge necessary for both the professional and the beginner to pass their linux+ exam.
Image Source: Amazon4. Sander Van Vugt: Beginning the Linux Command Line
The Linux Command Line is Sander Van Vugt’s savior. It teaches you how to install new software, manage file systems, run networking services, monitor users and create basic shell scripts. This book is written in a simplified language and teaches the basics of the command line to beginners. It has included screenshots of all command line terms for your convenience. This allows you to quickly start the desired output.
Image Source: Amazon5. Bhattacharya, Beginning Red Hat Linux 9
This book is essential for anyone looking for practical knowledge and experience, or an instant Linux+ guide to Linux certification. This book covers all topics and teaches how to switch from Windows to Linux. It covers internet usage, network operations, printers connecting, usage, office and multimedia application usage, web browsers function and security, as well as how to modify your machine to suit your needs.
Image Source: AmazonLinux Certification books for professionals
The best-reviewed Linux certification books can be a great help to someone who is already familiar with Linux basics and wants to learn more about it.
1. CompTIA Linux+ Powered By Linux Professional Institute Study guide: Exam LX0-103 & Exam LX0-104 (CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide) 3rd edition
This comprehensive guide covers all important topics from the exam point of view. This publication covers the most important topics and provides objec