Best Books for Hortonworks Certification

Big Data is a new technology in the IT industry. Engineers and IT managers are searching for job opportunities in the Big Data field. There is a high demand for workers in Big Data as more companies invest in it. This field offers professionals hefty salaries.
A certification is a great way to get a job in this industry. Big Data and Hadoop professionals who have Spark certification or Hadoop certification will be able to stand out from the rest of the candidates when they appear in an interview.
Hortonworks University offers a variety of big data certifications to IT engineers. These certifications include HDP Certified Developer and HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer. These certifications are widely accepted and highly respected in the industry.
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There is a lot of information available about these certifications and how to prepare for them. Hortonworks certification books can be a huge help. They can provide all the study material you need.
HortonWorks Certification Exam Objective
Hortonworks certifications are Big Data expert certificates that are accepted by the industry. This certification allows skilled Hadoop developers to effectively present their talents and experience to employers. These certifications will give you an edge in your career by certifying your knowledge of Spark, Hadoop, and Data analysis.
HortonWorks offers different levels of exams for Hadoop professionals.

All certifications are performance-based and cover your knowledge and practical experience using the HortonWorks Data platform.
How HortonWorks Certification books help in certification preparation
Hortonworks University certifications are performance-based exams that require you to perform various tasks. These hands-on exams require you to work on a real Hadoop cluster. This requires a thorough study of Hadoop and related concepts. This requires a detailed study plan that includes both online and offline material.
You will find the material online in scattered forms while you prepare for the certification. There are many books available on Hadoop that could be used as certification books for Hortonworks. These books contain all the study material needed to understand the topics Hadoop and Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume, Spark, among others.
It is difficult to cover all aspects of Hadoop’s ecosystem. The Hortonworks certification books will give you conceptual clarity. You can start with the books designed for beginners, then move on to the more advanced materials. These books will be a companion during your preparation.
You can also categorize them according to your experience level to simplify your preparation.
Best Hortonworks Books for Beginners
These are the top Hortonworks certification books that beginners can use to prepare for the Hortonworks certification exams.
Hadoop- The Definitive Reference (Author: Tom White).
This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn Hadoop. This book contains detailed information about Hadoop basics. It provides detailed explanations of concepts such as HDFS and MapReduce. It is easy to understand if you go through each chapter step by step. Understanding Java is a key component of the book’s understanding.
Image Source: https://covers.oreillystatic.comHadoop for Dummies (Author: Dirk Deroos)
The book is easy to understand for beginners thanks to its simple language. Information about Hadoop’s origin and its value can be found here. This section provides basic information about Big data and its ecosystem. It explains the practical aspects of Hadoop, MapReduce and cluster design patterns.
Image Source: https://images-na.ssl-images- L._SX397_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgHadoop in Practice (Author: Alex Holmes)
This book is the best for solving practical problems and tasks related to Hadoop. It provides many examples of Hadoop ecosystem in Question and Answer format. This book is highly recommended for beginners.
Image Source: wrhBZAxR2/s-l300.jpgLearning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis (Author: Holden Karau, Metei Zaharia, Andy Konwinski, Patrick Wendell)
This guide will help you get started with Spark. This guide helps to understand the complex concepts of Spark. Learn about Spark’s libraries, such as Spark SQL, Streaming and others.
Image Source: _BO1,204,203,200_.jpgSpark: Learn Spark in a DAY! (Author: Acodemy)
Another bestseller for Spark beginners is this book. It walks you through the concepts and theories of Spark in a clear, step-by-step manner. It does not provide the essentials. You can also continue learning by refining the material.