AWS Data Warehouse Imports Eased

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has unveiled a new method to export data stored in Teradata or Oracle data warehouses to its own offering, Amazon Redshift.
The AWS Schema Conversion Tool, (SCT), has been updated to convert most custom code, including views, stored procedures, and functions. It also converts data warehouse schemas into Redshift-compatible formats. If such custom codes are not easily converted by the tool it is marked for manual conversion.
The tool is now capable of migrating Oracle and Teradata data warehouses to Amazon Redshift. It can also do the exact same thing with Netezza or Greenplum data warehouses.
The SCT is used primarily to migrate other databases, especially commercial relational databases, into AWS-based open source databases. It moves data from systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and other systems to AWS offerings like Amazon Aurora and third-party database such as MySQL, MariaDB, and many more.
The tool’s Web page states that SCT can scan your application source code to find embedded SQL statements and convert them in a database schema transformation project. SCT performs cloud-native code optimization by converting legacy SQL Server and Oracle functions to AWS services. This allows you to modernize your applications while also performing database migration.
The SCT works with data stored either on-premises, in Amazon RDS, or EC2, which can also serve as targets for migrations.
You can download the SCT in Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Fedora Linux (rpm), as well as Ubuntu Linux (deb).
AWS SCT will analyze your data warehouse, apply the schema target to Amazon Redshift, and extract your warehouse data regardless of volume. Amazon S3 and Amazon Snowball can be used to move your data to the cloud. Amazon Redshift can then import the data.