12 Best Basecamp Alternatives

Since Basecamp, the company’s flagship project management software, was released by 37Signals thirteen years ago, it has been thirteen years.
Basecamp was originally created to help freelancers manage website design projects. It has since grown to be one of the most popular project management solutions. Basecamp is a huge success with over 285,000 customers and 15 million users. There are hundreds of thousands of completed projects.

Basecamp’s collaborative approach to project management and simplicity stood out against the complexity and waterfall method of Microsoft Project, which was released when it was first launched in 2004. Basecamp’s motto has been “Simple is the Best” for over ten years. It has managed to avoid feature bloat and keep the user experience simple to use and understand.
This philosophy of simplicity uber everything has its critics. Basecamp’s lack of basic functionality such as embedded time tracking and an easy task list view is a common complaint online.
In the ensuing decade, hundreds of new products in project management software have been developed. Many offer similar usability at a lower (or comparable) price.
The Best Basecamp Alternatives
Two distinct criteria are met by the twelvePM software products below:
These 12 project management systems are worth a look if Basecamp is something you are considering or if Basecamp is something you already use and are looking for alternatives. The solutions on this list are all web-based and true Basecamp alternatives.
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ActiveCollab is available in web-based and self hosted flavors. It has over 10,000 customers, including majors like Adobe, Harvard University and Apple. The offering also includes a modern, sleek UI and integration with Xero to track time and invoicing.
ActiveCollab starts at $25 a month for the SaaS edition, which includes five users and 5GB of storage. Unlimited projects are also included. The $299 per-month version allows unlimited users, 500GB storage, unlimited projects, as well as unlimited users. You can also purchase a self-hosted version for $499 to customize and tweak the software.
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Asana boasts over 40,000 customers including Uber, Tesla, and Dropbox.
Asana’s price is determined by the number of users. The first 15 users are free. After 15 users, premium tiers begin at $8.33 per month. All tiers offer unlimited tasks and projects. Premium tiers allow for private projects, unlimited dashboards and advanced reporting. Priority support is also available.
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3.Atlassian JIRA
Atlassian’s JIRA has over 35,000 customers and over 45,500,000 users. It is a great Basecamp alternative to tech teams. Some of the clients include Pandora, Twitter, and NASA. JIRA integrates with Google Apps for time management and tracking. It also includes an HTML5 enabled mobile interface that allows team members to access the JIRA app from anywhere.
Pricing starts at $10 per user for 10 users, and rises to $1,000 per user for 2,000. JIRA, like ActiveCollab has a self-hosted option. This allows you to pay $10 per user for ten, $1,200 per 25 users, or up to larger enterprise packages. Atlassian will allow you to use JIRA for qualified open-source projects.
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This is billed as “the closest free option you will ever find.”